The Sound of the Metaverse

A conference about audio for VR

As specialists in immersive audio and 3D sound technologies, we are regularly asked to give conferences on this topic.
We offer a conference entitled “The Sound of the Metaverse”. This lecture can be given in several formats and several durations. For example, during the LEV Matadero digital art festival in Madrid, we were able to give a complete 4-hour training during which we were able to detail the different 3D audio techniques. We also offered demonstrations of our recent virtual reality and augmented reality projects. We also gave this conference to master students in Design for Virtual Reality at the IED Barcelona school.
During this conference we discuss the different fields of application of audio in virtual reality such as the capture of Ambisonic sounds, mixing for Dolby Atmos, the use of middleware (Wwise and Fmod) as well as the integration sound in video game engines (Unity, Unreal).