We create music and design sounds for advertising, video games & VR

… and sometimes also for films & TV.

Your video game deserves a memorable soundtrack!

Whether your video game is at the first stages of its development or already in the Metaverse, we can help you create a sonic experience that has the perfect balance between visuals, music and gameplay.

Our experience completing and delivering several games and VR experiences (Oculus Quest 2) means that we understand the specific challenges of game development.

In addition to creating the sound and music, we can also take part in their integration into the game engine using Fmod, Wwise or Unity.

Give sonic life to your advertising content!

Would you like to offer an audio expertise to your clients?

Together, we could imagine and design a dynamic soundtrack which will strengthen your message in order to find the perfect balance between image, music and emotion.

We have been working with many agencies and completed sound projects for prestigious brands such as Heineken, Philips or Unilever.

Audio branding, original music & sound design

Let us talk more in details!

Audio branding

Sound Object is specialized in sonic branding for companies that want to reinvent their image with a real sense of personality. We believe in the emotional power and commercial impact of music and sound. Audio branding (or sonic branding) is much more than a jingle, it is a whole atmosphere created around your company's identity.

Together, we will define a coherent, original and personalized audio identity that will make your brand unique and special to your customers.

Audio branding Barcelona - Sound Object

Original music

Music is an integral part of our life and it has the ability to take us into an imaginary place where every sensation is amplified.

Together, we can imagine, design and create custom soundscapes tailored to your needs, enhancing the impact of your commercial or artistic projects and reaching the perfect balance between image, music and emotion.

Our musicianship and culture are the starting point for all new project but our strength resides in our extensive network of gifted artists and talented musicians.

Music for films - música para anuncios | Barcelona - Sound Object

Sound design

The right sound can change the way we perceive the world and enhance our senses by appealing to our deepest emotions. Whether you need exciting sounds for your upcoming video game or you want to create an immersive experience that your audience will remember for years, we have the right sound for you.

By combining the newest technology and our passion for recording the world around us, we are able to produce the sounds that will take your project to a whole new level. From organic soundscapes to futuristic weapon sounds all the way to audio editing for virtual reality, we will help you navigate the infinite ways that sound can improve your project.

Sound design for video games - diseño de sonido para videojuegos | Barcelona - Sound Object