Cupra Exponential Impulse Event

Music & sound design for an immersive experience

Our favourite visual studio Blit Studio trusted us again for producing the music and sound design for Cupra’s 5th Anniversary celebration event in Berlin. In this audio-visual experience we are following Cupra’s UrbanRebel as it races through the streets of Berlin and Barcelona in a futuristic landscape. 

The first step was to find the right musical backdrop for this fast-paced experience that will support Cupra’s vision for the future of mobility. After creating multiple playlists and brainstorming the Blit Studio team, we decided that the cyberpunk genre was a good starting point for the creation of the soundtrack.

We started by creating a catchy bassline that would be the recurring motif throughout the track. After that, we created some atmospheric sounds to fill the stereo image and give a sense of depth to the track. For rhythm, we went for the timeless four on the floor pattern with lots of variation and most importantly, super powerful electronic drum sounds. Finally we added an arpeggiated lead in order to reinforce the speed and aggressive character of the car. The result is a track called “Hyperspeed”. 

For the sound design part, we had the great opportunity to work with actual recordings of the UrbanRebel’s electric engine. The challenge was then to edit in a way that felt in sync with what happened on screen. By playing with reverbs, transition effects and doppler effects we were able to sell a realistic sound design that truly took the viewer on an exhilarating experience. 

During the mixing part, we were able to find the right balance between the energy of the music and the immersive aspect of the sound design.