What is audio branding?

Audio branding (also known as aural branding, sound branding, sonic branding or sonic identity) is the audio equivalent of a brand’s visual identity. It translates into the use of a set of sounds to define the identity of the brand. It can be sound effects, melodies, voices, songs, etc. Audio branding uses sound strategically and consistently to increase brand impact and value.

In their communication strategy, companies usually appeal to the sense of sight. Each company has its own visual identity; its logo, the graphics of its website are recognizable patterns and vectors of the brand’s discourse. This graphic universe is a showcase that the sonic identity comes to enrich. The sound embodies this same signature by deepening the sensory experience and it then invents the musical design of the brand: an imprint made of a sum of melodic, rhythmic and harmonic biases. Thus, the choice of unique sounds, of a defined tempo makes it possible to depict the universe of the company with even more power and singularity.

Audio branding, sonic branding, sonic identity || Barcelona.
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What elements constitute the sonic identity?

What are the strengths of audio branding?

Audio branding seeks to build a coherent brand experience in the sound field, taking advantage of a sense (hearing) that is generally little used by most companies. Although it is not a new discipline, it has been a booming field in recent years and is increasingly becoming an indispensable element in a company’s communication strategy. Used in targeted marketing actions, the sonic identity represents the image of the brand. It strengthens its positioning and allows it to stand out by even giving it a head start.

Here are some of its many benefits:

In summary, a well-executed sonic identity can help generate a richer and more complete brand experience, promoting a sense of closeness and belonging. This helps to capture the attention of the public and is therefore an interesting lever to increase brand awareness and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Audio branding, sonic branding, sonic identity || Barcelona.
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What are the guidelines for creating a successful sonic identity?

Audio branding, sonic branding, sonic identity || Barcelona.