Cupra UrbanRebel

Music & sound design for a VR experience

Unconventional and ground-shaking car manufacturer Cupra unveiled their brand direction for the next decade in the form of the electric UrbanRebel at Cupra Impulse event hosted at Sitges-Terramar F1 circuit. For this occasion, they contracted our long time collaborator Blit Studio to create a mesmerizing VR experience. Alternating realistic graphics with sci-fi environments, this virtual reality trip was experienced by more than 600 attendees simultaneously thanks to Antiloop’s Univrse technology.
Such an experience requires special attention given to audio in order to be truly immersive, this is why Blit Studio contacted us. 

The first step was to create an engaging musical soundtrack that would reflect the brand’s identity: electric, aggressive, designed for performance and with racing in mind. After discussing different directions, we decided that one of the main key words for this soundtrack would be “epic”. We took some time to explore different chord progressions and built the structure for the drums which is based on a classic four-on-the-floor structure. Add to that a solid arpeggiated bassline, some ear-candy synthesizers and you get “Electric Power”!

After tailoring the structure of the music to the narrative of the film, it was time to create the sound design in order to highlight some events and make the film truly immersive. A very important sound that was supplied to us is the recording of the UrbanRebel’s electric engine. This sound is a strong marker of the identity of the car so it was essential that it could be heard at key moments during the film. The other role of sound design is to highlight certain visual elements and make them seem like they pop out of the screen. Epic transitions, spatial effects that create depths in the image or visual transformations inside the car all contribute to make a strong connection between what is seen and what is heard.