Puerto Cabello en la Historia

Music & sound design for a projection-mapping

Our friends at Slidemedia, a digital arts agency based in Barcelona, asked us to compose the music and create the sound design for this monumental projection on the walls of the Puerto Cabello cathedral in Venezuela. This 13 minute piece is inspired by a poem written by María Inés Arrabal. It commemorates the Bicentennial of the « Takeover of Puerto Cabello », a significant event that marked the end of the War for Independence in Venezuela circa 1822.

Drawing inspiration from the poignant poem penned by María Inés Arrabal, we skillfully translated its essence into a 13-minute composition. Recognizing the need to accentuate each verse’s unique character, we meticulously crafted distinct sonic identities, ranging from dynamic electronic sequences and orchestral compositions to ambient textures and infectious Latin beats. This project stands as a testament to our ability to embody the resilience and determination of the Venezuelan people through a diverse and impactful musical landscape.