Desperados – Rave to Save

Music & sound design for an advertising campaign

Award-winning creative agency We Are Pi contacted us to compose the soundtrack for their new advert for their long-time client Desperados.

The Rave to Save campaign’s goal is to raise funds for nightclubs that had been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Desperados invites partygoers to come together and turn their moves into cash via an innovative dance-powered app. Fronted by world class DJs including the likes of Purple Disco Machine, Nakadia, Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot, Alle Farben and MOGUAI, four epic virtual parties have already taken place at clubs in Germany.
Once we were briefed by the creative team, our goal was to select a few reference tracks and propose them as inspiration for the musical and sonic direction. We then produced three tracks and the agency picked one of them as the starting point for the Rave To Save soundtrack.

This soundtrack was heavily influenced by German electronic music with a heavy-hitting bass line and a four to the floor kick drum pattern. We took a minimalistic approach and we managed to incorporate subtle layers of sound design to give depth to the track. Later on, we were offered the opportunity to assist during the recording of the voice over for the campaign launch video.

The final stage of the process was the aftermath videos which required us to extend the original version of the soundtrack. We added some dubstep elements and a lead melody to emphasize the uplifting and party vibe of the soundtrack. We then cleaned up the voice over and mixed the final track to picture.