Music & sound editing for a documentary

Thomas Delfino, a professional snowboarder from the French Alps, got in touch with us because he was in the process of producing his new documentary and wanted an impactful soundtrack for it.

The main goal of the film is to follow the wolf, a wild and elusive animal while learning about nature preservation and of course, ride down some of the steepest terrain around his hometown of Grenoble. The result is an intimate documentary that balances the raw aspect of extreme sports with the fragility of the environment.

In order to produce a soundtrack that reflected these characteristics, we recorded all of the percussions from various acoustic instruments and processed them to give them uniformity. Regarding melodic instruments, we really wanted to have a distinctive sound for this soundtrack so we decided to use exclusively (except for the piano theme) the Korg OPSIX – a six-voice FM synthesizer that can produce both dreamy tones and very raw-sounding basses and leads.

When all the cues were produced, we were able to participate further in the completion of the film by doing all the sound editing work and the final mix of the film.

The film has been showed all over Europe in some of the most prestigious mountain film festivals.

“Traces” has also been discussed in France’s most historic sports magazine, L’Équipe.

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