Sound design & music for a VR experience

Our very close partner Antiloop Studio reached out to us to produce the sound design and music for “Dreams” – the official showcase of their brand new technology Univrse.

Univrse allows users to run and manage their own Metaverse: they can create, deploy and control interactive multi-user VR experiences made with Unity (like immersive presentations, product and brand experiences, entertainment/gaming, etc.) It works with PC/Mac desktop (no VR headset needed) but also with Oculus Quest I & II for a more immersive experience.

“Dreams” is an 1-hour long multi-user virtual-reality experience where users can walk around in a 200m2 open space located at IDEAL, the Digital Arts Center of Barcelona.
“Dreams” aims to be a demo of a VR experience for high traffic venues such as museums, cultural institutions, events or showrooms.
The scenario of “Dreams” is thought as a “museum of dreams” located in the clouds, with several floors accessible by elevator. It includes several levels ranging from a simple quiz about anything related to dreams to incredible Pixar-like sequences (like being shrunk and chased by a toy T-rex or getting lost in a labyrinth).

While designing sounds and creating music for “Dreams”, our challenge was to create a dreamy and homogeneous sonic experience so that the user gets both swept away by this imaginary world and at the same time anchored in the reality of the proposed adventures. We used a mix between soft synthesized sounds and organic recordings to create an environment that is truly immersive yet familiar but above all feels like a journey into an other universe.

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