Tom Agad – Neïkid

Music & art direction for a pop / folk record

Description: Songwriting, arrangements and artistic direction of “Neikid”, third record of Tom Agad, singer based in Barcelona (who obtained very positive reviews in Les Inrockuptibles, Magic, Francofans and GoMag).



  • Songwriting, arrangements and art direction.


  • Date : 2017.
  • Art direction: Thomas Aussenac & Pierre Leloup.
  • Lyricists: Aaron Feder, Owen Kilfeather, Roger Batalla.
  • Musicians: Edurne Arizu, Francesca Frigeri, Léa Mével, Magali Mestre, Thomas Aussenac, Pierre Leloup, Aurélien Landy Gana, Federico Rimini, Miquel Sospedra.
  • Recording: Pierre Leloup, Laurent Gérald, Aaron Feder, Josep Vilagut.
  • Mixing: Pierre Leloup.
  • Mastering: Yves Roussel.
  • Cover: Ignasi Font.