PLANETS – Sharjah Light Festival

Music for an interactive projection-mapping

Once again Tigrelab, a major player in the European new media art industry, trusted us to produce sound and music for an installation at Sharjah Light Festival. For this 10th edition of the event, they produced an immersive experience involving video mapping, interactive design and augmented reality

“Planets” proposed an exciting journey through an interactive universe that allows participants to use technology to stretch the boundaries of the building beyond its walls, interacting with the planets and modifying the characteristics of the show. The public had the capacity to alter the rhythm of this trip for a certain time, being able to alter their properties and at the same time generating a rich audiovisual experience. While this is happening, the rest of the public enjoyed uninterruptedly the augmented reality experience through the App installed on their mobile.

The challenge for us was to deliver a seamless audio experience by bridging contemporary music production with a generative approach so that the real-time visuals would always be in sync with the audio. Each “Planet” had a distinct sonic signature that evolved as the participant interacted with the physical controller and the leap motion. 

Each generative composition was mapped into an Ableton Live project which allowed for real-time sound effects to be applied to the music whilst being synchronized to the visuals.