Domicidre – Human Condition

Music production for an electronica record

Human Condition is the product of a personal and collective reflection on the condition of the human and race and the conditioning of our modern society.
The title track “Human Condition” explores the difficulty of stepping out of our patterns and routines for which we have been trained since our youngest days. It is also a message of hope future generations. The track ends with a poem dedicated to Earth. 
“Frantic” is a dark and heavy-hitting techno track that musically tackles the difficulties we face when it comes to thinking beyond our personal satisfaction when our survival instincts kick in in times of destructions.
“Sinner’s Palace” is my first attempt at singing. On this soft electronica track, I explore the irrational fear of not being worthy of an afterlife despite my lack of belief.
On “The Aftermath”, the listener is invited to cruise along and forget the concept of time and space. It is an interpretation of a post-disaster situation where there is nothing but hope for brighter days.



  • Date: 2020.